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Learning Vim

A brief (and somewhat complete) history: In the beginning, the UNIX standard editor was ed, created by Ken Thompson in 1969. ed is a very powerful, very terse, command line interface for editing text, but user-friendliness is not one of it's strengths. In 1976 Bill Joy came along on his ADM-3A and extended ed to become ex, and then a couple years later made a visual interface and called it vi. Later on, around 1988, Bram Moolenar took Vi and improved it with a lot more features, and around 1991 released it and called it Vim.

Vim beginner's customization guide

This article is for those who've been using Vim for a little while and have started to grasp modal editing and the powers of Vim, and now want to start customizing it. If you're completely new to Vim, I have another post describing some of the basic of learning Vim here but there are dozens of them on the internet, and Vim ships with vimtutor as well which is a great place to start.