Hello world!

Here’s some bullet points about myself:

  • I was born in the late 80s in the UK, my parents both worked aircraft industry, and in the mid-90s their jobs brought us to the US.
  • I started learning web development towards the late ‘90s, writing HTML in Windows Notepad, I remember building my first web pages about my favorite Pokémon.
  • I started becoming more interested in music and started learning drums and guitar around 11 years old, teaching myself to read guitar tabs and later drum notation after playing by ear for a few years.
  • In my early teens I started experimenting with Visual Basic 6, Shockwave/Flash, and then later PHP.
  • In my mid/late teens I started focusing more on learning more about web standards that were being established like CSS and JavaScript.
  • In 2011 I started using Linux, and found NodeJS soon after.
  • I tried Angular and the MEAN stack for a little while, but shifted to ReactJS in 2015.