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Bash Scripting

Bash is perhaps one of the hardest languages to learn how to script with, simply for the fact there's so much bad information out there. I'd like to share some tips and tricks I've learned in my few years of scripting.

Learning Vim

A brief (and somewhat complete) history: In the beginning, the UNIX standard editor was ed, created by Ken Thompson in 1969. ed is a very powerful, very terse, command line interface for editing text, but user-friendliness is not one of it's strengths. In 1976 Bill Joy came along on his ADM-3A and extended ed to become ex, and then a couple years later made a visual interface and called it vi. Later on, around 1988, Bram Moolenar took Vi and improved it with a lot more features, and around 1991 released it and called it Vim.

Beginning Drums

Pat your right hand on your right leg and then your left hand on your left leg, for each hit say a syllable of the word "single".