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Server-Side Rendering with React

Server rendering in React is often seen as mystical and esoteric, let's shed some light on it!

Async Programming in Node.js

Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await (oh my!)

Setting Up A Modern Webdev Toolchain

Modern JavaScript tooling can be a bit of a maze. Babel, Webpack, eslint, TypeScript, PostCSS... Maybe you've heard about them, maybe you don't know why you'd use them, maybe you just want to know how to get started with them. Read on!

An Attempt At Explaining Category Theory

This is mostly a personal notebook of what I think I have learned. I make no guarantee about the accuracy of anything said here, I would appreciate any corrections or feedback on anything [I've ever] posted.

Functional Programming: currying and partial application

An explanation of currying and partial application using JavaScript

How I Made My Own Static-Site Generator

I had a fun time making my own static-site generator for a blog, and I thought this could serve as a practical introduction to Functional Reactive Programming (FRP).

Creating a REST API in node.js

Getting started with making web APIs can be confusing, even overwhelming at first. I'd like to share my process for creating APIs in Node.js.

Why Use React?

Introductions are hard, so I'm just gonna jump right into this.

Functional Programming: a small introduction

It seems there's some confusion on why you might use functional programming methods like map/reduce/filter, and so I thought I'd write something to try and explain why I think they're useful and interesting.